The Official Vicky Leandros Fanclub

The official Fanclub endorsed by Vicky Leandros for her friends and fans is lead by Christian Müller.

Towards the end of the 1980s Karl-Heinz Lemburg took over the running of the official Fan Club from the Club Centre at Norderstedt leading it successfully for almost 20 years. Karl-Heinz was unable to carry on due to health reasons and so the Club has been lead by Christian since 2009. The Fanclub is also the official autograph address for Vicky Leandros.

During its existence the Club has achieved alot for Vicky and her fans and has certainly contributed to the popularity of its star. In previous years seven international Club meetings have taken place in cooperation with the Club which were all a huge success for the fans and also for Vicky.

What The Club Offers

The well loved and eagerly awaited Club Magazine is released twice a year and sent to fans. It contains articles, background information, press releases, critique, suggestions and letters from fans, radio and tv dates and of course great photos of Vicky.

In addition to the magazine members receive an "Info-Letter" from time to time with the latest dates and news about Vicky and her career. On release of a new album there is also the new autographed picture card.

It is naturally hoped that members will actively contribute to the Club. This can take place in many forms. Members can help in assembling information for the magazine, by writing contributions to the magazine or by providing us with photos of Vicky for inclusion in the magazine.

Afterall what would the Fanclub be if it did not bring together its star and fans?!

The Club asks a contribution from its members of 20 Euro per year which aswell as including all the above mentioned benefits covers all postage costs. Our Club is pleased to welcome every new member and is open to everyone who enjoys Vicky and her music.

Contact Address:

Vicky Leandros Fanclub
c/o Christian Müller
Hegelring 18

D-04435 Schkeuditz

Tel.: 0049 34204 707700

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